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Train with Levesque Goaltending Instruction

Our Training Sessions

At Levesque Goaltending Instruction, we cater to athletes of all ages and experience levels with our wide variety of sessions. Whether you are interested in working on a particular facet of your game or would like to improve your overall athletic performance, you’ve got many options to choose from. We offer the most up to date programs, techniques, and drills for all students. LGI makes to most out of all sessions by using video (when possible) to ensure that we are capturing the details and reviewing with goalies during an post sessions.

Check out what we have to offer and get in touch through phone or email to request the booking of your choice.

Personal Training Sessions

These sessions are designed around you. We will cover and work on the things that are a concern to your game and also continue to work on your strengths. These will be a dedicated One on One time to work on these skills.


Groups Sessions

These are the same as the personal training sessions but in the group setting we run the session with 2-4 goalies. We focus on maximizing the speed of drills and rotation to ensure that all goalies are getting their time in the net and necessary focus with the same level of coaching and feedback.


Team Practice

We come to watch and impact your goalies throughout your teams practice. As we see opportunities we then take the time to coach and give instruction. LGI requests that we get 15-20 minutes of practice time dedicated to the goalies where we can run through drills that the goalies can carry forward to other skates and to work on what was taught at practice.


Summer Camps

Summer camps are designed to get you prepared for the upcoming tryouts and season in September. They will consist of 5 days of on ice and off ice training along with seminar time to review crucial prats of the game.
Please book early for these camps as space is limited!


Game Analyses

We will come to a game at your request and do a full breakdown of the game. Using ISOG software they will track shots, saves, and goals. This will be broken down for you to see. We will also be watching for techniques and save selections throughout the game to deliver a full review.


Association Development

LGI will come to your association to aid in the development of your associations goalies. We have created this specifically to cater to the numerous associations in and around Grande Prairie. We suggest scheduling this program for a monthly check in and with multiple sessions at your local rink. We are open to multiple day and weekend camps to impact your goalies at the highest level.

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