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LGI Philosophy

Proudly part of goaltender training and development in Grande Prairie and surrounding area

Levesque Goaltending Instruction was created with a passion to make connections and develop lasting relationships in the Peace Region, to aid in the development of up and coming goalies. Our goal at LGI is to help develop goalies to the level that they want to achieve. How we work to achieve this is through consistent personal connection with players. Here at LGI we focus on both personal, team, and coach development. We believe that when all three function together as one, we see success and the achievement of goals.

First Timers to Professional Levels

Back To Basics

No mater what level you are at in your hockey career there is always a time to learn and continue to work on skills that are necessary for your success as a goaltender. These skills range from stance, positioning in the net, rebound control, up to the skills of the game including reading the players stick and save selection based on the situation.


Building Habits

The right ones...

Over the years we have learned that habits can be trained and developed. This is why we focus on the development of good habits through the repetition of drills that all students can take back and use during practices, off ice, pre game, and warmup. To goal is to have these habits become instinct in their game!


Individual Stepped Development

Details & Specifics

We make it a focus when training to keep a very keen eye on the details. The goal of keeping such a close watch on the details is so the students are so aware of them that they can carry on their own development. The details focused on during drills include glove, stick, and body position, proper movements, and recovery. These details build the foundation of becoming and being a great goalie.


Success & Goal Achievement


Our passion is seeing the student have success over the relationship that is developed with LGI. The goal of the student will be the same goal for us to help them achieve, with a supportive development plan to get them there.

Earlier the better for those training sessions, right _proaligoalie! #goaliecoach _gp_jda_kings #LGI
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